Welcome to Klein Art

Yolanda van der Lelij Klein is a Dutch-American painter residing in Willcox, Arizona. Born in Vlaardingen, the Netherlands in 1959, Yolanda brings a worldly view to her art. Working mostly with oil colors, she enjoys taking inspiration from around her; painting a variety of landscapes, still life’s, and portraiture. She enjoys experimenting with different medias like colored pencil and watercolor for variety, and is always working to expand her talent.

Beginning as a hobby, Yolanda started exploring paint on her own. When she discovered how much she enjoyed it, she eventually enrolled herself into a few local art classes and workshops, and began to submit her work in various art shows around Southern Arizona. She eventually went on to become a member of the Willcox Art League and is currently serving as President (2018).

“Every time I paint, the joy of learning new ways to figure out composition, form, value and light drives me to try again and again, until I’m able to paint my vision on canvas.”

– Yolanda van der Lelij Klein

Yolanda is currently represented by:

  • Endeavor Art Gallery in Benson Arizona
  • Bodega Pearce Winery Kansas Settlement Arizona
  • Zarpara Vineyard Kansas Settlement Arizona

Yolanda has won various awards in the following Art Shows:

  • Art Wine and Herbs, Willcox, Arizona
  • A Toast to Education, Kansas Settlement, Arizona
  • Anne Boyd Wayd Fine Art and Photography Show, Willcox, Arizona
  • Bisbee Plein Air Festival, Bisbee, Arizona
  • Sulphur Springs International Miniature and Small Works Fine Art Show, Willcox, Arizona
  • Cochise College, Benson, Arizona